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Counselling and Hypnotherapy Ely

Jessica Penberth BSc (Hons), Ad. Dip. CP MNCS (Acc), Dip. Hyp MHS, Dip. S. Studies, Dip. Child Couns.

Counselling Ely | Hypnotherapy Ely

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Ely offers the rewarding experience of individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and analytical hypnotherapy to help with a wide range of challenging issues that hold you back and stop you from living life to the full.

If you want to improve the value and quality of your life by overcoming issues, that get in the way of allowing you to be the person you really want to be, then psychotherapy and hypnotherapy is for you. By seeking out psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as methods that allow you to bring about change in yourself, you have taken your first step to change, well done!


Counselling and Hypnotherapy Ely uses psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help provide relief from a wide range of life challenges. Some of these include the following:

There is no need to suffer in silence, fighting barriers that prevent you from enjoying life when help is at hand.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Ely provides you with an experienced, qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who can provide discreet and confidential therapy to help you to get back on track and feeling better.

Please feel free to contact Jessica for more information and to book your first session. Remember - today is the first day of the rest of your life

Counselling Ely