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Jessica Penberth BSc (Hons), Ad. Dip. CP MNCS (Acc), Dip. Hyp MHS, Dip. S. Studies, Dip. Child Couns.

Loss and Bereavement

This is a particular area of expertise of mine, as I worked as an accredited volunteer with CRUSE the bereavement charity for nine years. We are all affected by loss throughout our lives and it is an emotion that some people deal with better than others. The moment we are born we suffer loss and that is the loss of the security and safety of the womb along with the separation we experience biologically from our mothers. As we grow we experience many losses of different types and become aware of the permanence of death. There are certain phases that are experienced during grief and the time it takes to work through these phases depends on many different things.


It is possible for a person to get stuck in any one of these stages and this can be termed as “abnormal grief”. This can result in destructive behaviours, usually towards themselves but other people may experience the effect of them as well.


Psychotherapy and hypnosis can be used to assist people with their grief reaction. Hypnotherapy can be used as a tool for coming to terms with the emotions that the person is feeling, accessing these emotions and releasing emotions locked in by past experiences. Psychotherapy allows the client to talk through the story that many other people may be tired of hearing and again access the emotions to allow them to be released and for life to return to the client.


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